Photo Submissions

Sharing your photos with me helps give me reference for paintings that will help everyone understand the power of women and the importance of family.  Whether it is birth, breastfeeding or pregnancy.  You are entrusting me with your photo and I value your stories and photos.  I add your photos to my personal library for reference.  They will not be shared with anyone else.  Your photo may or may not be used or could be altered in some way while trying to keep with the original story.  The final painting will be available for purchase.  It will be shared publicly and I own the copyright to the final painting as it is my own work.  Prints will be made available as well.

If you are submitting a photo please check the following:

Quality - not blurry or over/under exposed

You - the photo is of your or your family and you have permission to share it

I am also accepting photos of pets!

Ready to submit a photo?  Click here.